Hibernian Investments

Hibernian Investment’s purpose is to create value for all of our stakeholders. Employees, customers, suppliers, partners and investors all should benefit. We believe in long term and ethical value creation.

Investments range from the renovation of a 17th-century monastery (Kloster Loreto, Landshut) and a  17th-century castle - Schloss Mering,  to renewable energy. Chinook Urban Mining and Technology using big data, SalesForce, and Artificial Intelligence in the resourcing industry.

We are always interested in meeting start-ups and companies that are looking for early-stage investment, strategic and operational guidance.



Hibernian develops a range of properties from modern Town Houses in Munich, Apartments in Augsburg and the rejuvenation of historical castles and Monasteries.  The common denominator is the creation of top quality living space. 

Energy from waste

Hibernian is committed to ethical investing and continuously searches for companies and products that are good for the environment while having significant potential upside.  The renewable energy market is diverse and fascinating. 

Technology and Consulting


Big Data is often just a buzz word or a technology waiting for the right application. At Senzari big data is being used to create a better experience for music users today and movie users in the near future.

Connecting people


Building a data community of first in league experts servicing Data disruption. Focuses on career-journey of high achievers bridging from research and academic institutes to Industry.